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Modified Karts (better known as Mod Karts) are custom-built single-seat mini race trucks with 450cc motorcycle/quad engines driven by children ranging in age from 10-15 years. They go very fast and use a shifter to go through gears. Up to 90mph.


Mod Kart is “The Elite Class” for kids in short course off-road racing.

For 2023 Mod Kart info or to make an offer on a kart below, click the 'Contact' button above or click HERE



DeJong Mod Kart (Ref: #106)

- Very little use

- Fresh motor

- Very clean

- New Sparco seats + seat belts 

- Complete $18,999

- Lose the motor (make an offer)


DeJong Mod Kart (Ref: #111) SOLD 

- Fresh Twisted motor

- Super cared for

- Complete $18,999


TK Mod Kart (2017) (Ref: #107)

- No motor

- Everything else complete $15,999

New Line Mod Kart (2019) (Ref: #108)

- Fresh Twisted Development motor

- Fast & Dialed in truck

- Complete $38,999


Junior 2 Kart (Ref: #109) SOLD

- Very clean and fast kart

- Complete $10,999 

Junior 2 Kart (Ref: #110) SOLD 

- Very clean and fast

- 2017 B&D kart

- 3 motors, 3 clutches, lots of spares

- Complete $14,999 

All karts listed have raced in a Lucas Oil or GAS event. 

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