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Brody Eggleston
Brody Eggleston

The 2018 Modified Kart championship has really been heating up and gaining significant attention in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.

It’s been a season-long battle between two young gun rising stars, and the driver who’s leading that championship chase is 14-year-old Brody Eggleston from Riverside, CA.

This young man has scarcely put a foot wrong this season, and holds a 16-point lead over Mason Prater heading into this weekend’s races at Glen Helen.

Behind the wheel of his always-sharp-looking kart (something Eggleston feels is of significant importance if one wants to look the part of a professional), Eggleston’s style is smooth and fast, one could even say calculated, and when we had the chance to interview him, it was obvious that he has a strong ability to choose his words just as thoughtfully.

Q1: How did you get started in short course? A1: Troy Adams, who’s a good friend of my dad’s, saw them with us when we went to a monster truck show. He talked us into getting into it, and we started with a Junior 2 Kart.

Q2: When did you hope to move into the Pro ranks? A2: I’m 14, so I have two more years that I can race in Mods. Eventually I’d like to move up to a Pro Lite or something.

Q3: When was your first race win? A3: It was last year, at the first race of the year out in Arizona. We were just out there trying to have fun, but we qualified pretty good, and then with the inversion, we started up front. I led most of the way and ended up winning my first mod race.

Q4: What are some of your significant career achievements so far? A4: I’d probably say that in Mod Karts, winning my first race and then getting second on day two. Plus we got a few more podiums and were able to wrap up rookie of the year, which was our main goal.

Q5: How did last season go for you? A5: It went really well! We were second in points for most of the year, but we had some not so good luck in the last few races, and we ended up getting fourth. But we were still very happy with that, to finish in the top five in our rookie year.

Q6: What does your race schedule look like for the rest of 2018? A6: We’ll probably just finish out the National Series; we’ve been trying to focus on that this year, and not do the Regionals so much.

Q7: What are your goals for the rest of 2018? A7: I’d really like to take home the (Modified Kart) championship; it’d be really great to be able to do that.

Q8: What are your longer-term goals for your career? A8: Maybe eventually move up to Pro Lite or Pro 2. I’d also like to possibly venture out to do some desert stuff, but becoming a Pro racecar driver is my main goal.

Q9: Do you hope to turn racing into a career? A9: Yeah I do; it’s been my goal since I was five years old. We started in go-karts, and moved up to short course, which I really like.

Q10: Who do you look up to in this sport? A10: I look up to RJ and Ronnie Anderson; they’re really good drivers and they’re brothers, like me and my brother (Trey Eggleston). If I could live up to the way they drive…

Q11: What have you sacrificed to get to where you are? A11: A normal kid life. I really like going to the desert and to the river, and there have been times when I’ve wondered if it’s really worth giving that stuff up to keep racing. But if you want it that bad, you’ll be dedicated. If you really put in the work, the results are gonna show.

Q12: What’s your favorite track? A12: I’d have to say Wheatland, Missouri. It’s the most challenging, the most technical, and with those sharp corners, it’s a lot of fun to drive.

Q13: What’s your favorite memory from racing? A13: My first win, because a lot of my family was there. We were there just to have fun, but we showed that we have the speed, and to have all of them there to see that win and share it made it that much better.

Q14: Who’s your best friend in the sport? A14: I’d just say most all of the Mod Kids. We hang out off the track, and when you’re battling back and forth in a race, that’s when the best memories are made.

Q15: Why do you like short course? A15: I’ve always been a big fan of dirt; the jumps, sliding, shifting- Mod Karts always seem to be a good show. I hope to stay in Mod Karts as long as I can.

Q16: Why should fans root for you? A16: Because I’m always willing to give them a show. Also, I’ll go out of my way to give autographs, and really talk with them when they support me. It’s important to give the fans a good experience.

Q17: What’s your most embarrassing moment in racing? A17: When me and my brother were racing each other last year. I came from the back and accidentally took him out, but we both managed to get back up and finish okay, so it all worked out. But he’s done the same to me, too. (Note: here, Eggleston added that it’s a good time racing against his younger brother Trey, and that despite the fact that don’t always have a lot in common, they still make every effort to get along well and enjoy being together).

Q18: If you could race anything else in the world of motorsports, what would it be? A18: I’d really like to race an F1 car. They’re really fast and very technical; it would be very challenging and a lot of fun.

Q19: What do you do to prepare yourself for competition? A19: About every other week, we go to the go-kart track and practice. Also, I like to ride my bike; it’s good when training is just as fun as racing.

Q20: Who would you say most helped shape you into the person you are today? A20: I’d definitely say my parents helped shape me into the person I am, and Troy and Chris have honed my skills as a driver.

Written by Scott Neth. Courtesy of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.


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