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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Mod Kids USA (the first of five films) is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

ORLANDO, FL. June 24, 2019 - Current proudly presents the film debut of Mod Kids USA (powered by KICKER) streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. And Prime members can watch the film for FREE.

The first in a series of five films, produced by The MadHatterZ and Media Rocka takes viewers behind-the-scenes and follows the lives of eight mod kart racers (aged 12-15) as they compete in one of the most competitive off-road truck series in the country.

Prime members are the first to experience this epic, action-packed dive into the real world of kids racing suped-up mini trucks. This is where future NASCAR legends are born.

Mod Kids USA is like UFC meets Supercross, but with trucks. And what makes it even cooler is the drivers are kids," says Chris James, executive producer for Media Rocka. “Bringing this epic sport to the masses has been an amazing experience for us and a lot of hard work. I’m excited for Prime members to be the first audience for our film.”

“These kids are learning tremendous skills for what it takes to go fast,” said Kyle DeLuc, Pro 4 champion. “Of course, they occasionally crash horribly or take each other out. But this is full-blown, off-road racing at its finest!”

The Coolest Indie Film This Year.

The cast features; Nathan Barry, Mia Chapman, Hailie Deegan, Brody Eggleston, Trey D. Gibbs, Cole Keatts, Chris Nunes, and Christopher Polvoorde.

Title: Mod Kids USA Duration: 86 min Type Mod Kids USA in search. Streaming now on Prime Video


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