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Hailey Berry #230

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Mod Kids USA Unveils First Ever J1 Driver Hailey Berry

ORLANDO, FL. (January 10, 2020) – Fifteen families, seventeen drivers, four national championship titles in a row.

Those are just a few of the accomplishments already earned by the drivers Mod Kids USA have documented over the past four years in its highly successful Amazon Prime film series. 

Now in its fifth year, the industry initiative continues to spotlight the best and brightest young kids in short-course off-road racing. Alumni of the Mod Kids USA film series include Haile Deegan, Christopher Polvoorde, Trey D. Gibbs, and last year’s mod kart National and World champion, Mason Prater.

“The Mod Kids USA program identifies emerging talent in our sport,” said Tucker Jenkins VP, Marketing at The Media Rocka Agency that owns the Mod Kids' brand. “Drivers in the current Mod Kart class have already achieved success on the track or shown potential, and although we will show the World a glimpse of the Junior 2 class in our upcoming Mod Kids 2 film, this year we wanted to highlight a driver from the Junior 1 class. A racer that has the desire of moving up the ranks. And our program this year will allow for that.”

The J1 driver featured this season and in the cast of the Mod Kids 5 film is Hailey Berry.

Hailey Berry – The 12-year-old Canyon Lake, California native has made a name for herself in the SoCal Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series and across the Cheer World. Hailey has been racing since she was 8 years old and is about to start her 10th season in All-Star cheer and is on a senior level 4 team. Follow Hailey on Instagram.


Hailey’s racing goals: "Leaving the flipping for the cheer floor and driving hard and fast with my family and Mod Kids USA by-my-side."

Media Rocka’s executive producer, Chris James said “It will be a fun year catching up with all these kids again. Short-course off-road racing is in our blood. It’s our passion and after all these years, we firmly believe that we are the experts in knowing where this sport is heading. We're super excited to have Hailey in the mix."

About Mod Kids USA

Mod Kids USA produces 90-minute documentary-style movies that cover an entire race season. Mod Kids USA (The Film) is now streaming on Prime Video, while Mod Kids 2 will be released in March.

Make sure to follow all the Mod Kids USA drivers on Instagram and on the track.

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