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John Holtger is your 2020 Pro-Lite Champion

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Champions are made from something they have deep inside them!

John Holtger went into the last two rounds of Championship Off-Road's inaugural 2020 season trailing the Pro-Lite points leader by 16 points.

The weekend kicked off on Friday with the series scheduled practice day, although with over an inch of rain the night before practice was sadly canceled.

john holtger racing logo
John Holtger Racing

In anticipation of some solid qualifying rounds Saturday morning Team Holtger was faced with another challenge – qualifying was also canceled! The track was still too muddy. However, the series allowed an optional round of practice, which the team utilized to work on some last-minute changes.

Track conditions improved throughout Saturday and it was time to race under the lights! Night Races!! Points leader Kyle Greaves' positive outlook came to a sudden halt when he pulled off on the very first lap. Holtger took the lead on the restart before another yellow flag situation caused the trucks to bunch back up. Zach Szymik capitalized, grabbing the hole shot and stayed out front for his first win of the year, with Holtger in 2nd, just ahead of veteran Chad Rayford.

John Holtger at Crandon Off Road 2020
John Holtger Crandon 2020

This was it – Sunday - the final Pro-Lite race of the season. Trailing by 7 points, with the championship undecided, John Holtger in his Rookie year simply led from start-to-finish to clinch the 2020 Pro-Lite Championship!

John Holtger Wins 2020 Pro-Lite Championship

Watching John mature in mod karts over the last couple of years to now grabbing the Pro Lite Championship in his rookie year is really quite outstanding! Congrats to John, his team and family from everyone at Mod Kids USA.

Don Holtger and John Holtger at Crandon Off-Road 2020
Don Holtger and John Holtger Crandon 2020


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