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SLICKEY grabs the 2020 Mod Kart Championship

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Connor Barry (aka Slickey) produced five class leading victories which ultimately gave him the edge and the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series 2020 Championship in Mod Karts.

Connor also won the Junior 2 Championship back in 2018 and races for CBR Performance out of Lake Elsinore, CA.

For 15-year-old, the appeal of driving an off road racing vehicle is simple.

"I like it because you are a kid and you can go out and drive and have fun! You can go and drive and if you win, you get cash. It's a cool thing to be involved in. Most kids aren't in a race car and it's fun to be different."

"Being with your family, that's fun too! Racing is a family sport."

Connor looks to one of his racing idols, Hall of Fame off road champion Rob MacCachren, as an inspiration. The youngster said he dreams of someday making his mark driving a powerful Pro 2 or Pro 4 Truck, like MacCachren has.

"That's my goal anyway. I want to be inside a race truck and kind of do what Rob 'Mac' has done. Just win a lot of races, get some good sponsors and a lot of championships."

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