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Updated: Dec 2, 2018

SPARCO® USA – leading supplier of race seats, belts, steering wheels, suits, shoes, helmets, gloves, apparel, and more — has partnered with Mod Kids® USA; the off-road motorsports program that focuses on documenting an elite class of youngsters (aged 12-15 years old) that race Mod Karts.

In 1977, from a dream of two young drivers to give cars more safety and style, SPARCO® was born. For over 40 years a leader on the world’s race tracks, SPARCO® pursues excellence and shares its underlying values through special collections that it manufactures directly.

SPARCO®: The Official Mod Kids® USA Seat of Choice

“We’re excited to help Mod Kids and be part of a brand that’s growing extremely fast in the short course off-road community,” said Chris Neuer – Director, Motorsports at SPARCO® USA. “We look forward to more success on the track in the years to come.”

It’s truly an honor to have a brand like SPARCO on board and support Mod Kids.” said Tucker Jenkins VP, Marketing at The Media Rocka Agency that owns the Mod Kids® brand. “They’re going to be an exceptional partner and they truly share our passion of supporting the stars of tomorrow.”

Mod Kids USA produces 90-minute documentary-style movies that cover an entire race season. Mod Kids® 1 will be available via Amazon Prime Video in June.

Learn more about SPARCO® USA by clicking HERE.


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