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Vinyl Vixen got to meet the MTRV8 ICON face to face for the very first time today..

MTRV8 (pronounced “Motor-vate") a radio-control startup plans to disrupt the radio control industry with their first model, ICON. With over a year of research and development the design team tell us they're excited with what has been accomplished.

The beta-basher ICON at 'entry-level' is a 1/10th scale, 4WD short course truck complete with brushless motor 3300KV , ESC 45A, 6kgs servo, 2.4Ghz-2ch transmitter, PLUS aluminum chassis and aluminum shock tower.

Vinyl Vixen Wraps, a proud partner of Wrapsesh, Arizona got to test out the ICON; seeing what speeds it can reach and its jumping skills.

WARNING: These machines are super fast out of the box and must be used in large non-congested outdoor spaces. Battled Approved.

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