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MOD KIDS USA PartneRS With AiM Sports 

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Mod Kids® USA and AiM Sports today announced a multiyear partnership. The agreement will allow multiple film units to highlight and document the collection of race data and in-Kart film footage for inclusion in the upcoming Mod Kids 4 film.

To Highlight Collection of Race Data and in-Kart Footage.

"As we progress year to year, we're always thinking of new ways to document our kids whether it's on or off the track. We want to give the general public cool sneak peeks into what goes on behind the scenes to race at this level," said Chris James, senior executive producer at Media Rocka / Freestyl3 Films. “So we’re excited to be working with Mike and the team at AiM to highlight more of what goes on at the race track when it comes to gathering race data with some of the newer teams that we'll be documenting."

“We love what Mod Kids USA have been doing over the last 3 years. To produce a full feature 90-minute film each year is a large undertaking. These guys are producing top-notch movies, not just short social clips like everyone else. Plus they're telling a story. That's something to admire." said Mike Jaynes, CEO at AiM Sports LLC. "Their passion for the sport certainly shows in their content. So why wouldn't we want to part of all of this? They're documenting the future of racing. A good example would be Hailie Deegan and where she is today. Hailie comes from this short-course off-road world and was featured in the original Mod Kids' film (released in April) when she was 14 turning 15 years old. Now she's 17 going on 18. This is exciting! And we love that 'the kids' are the stars in this world.

Other facets of the partnership will include working with AiM to capture even more exhilarating in-Kart film content via the AiM SmartyCam and to document new teams stepping up into this faster Mod Kart class and follow their journey in learning the best ways to utilize data collection.

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Mod Kids USA follows the lives (on and off the track) of an elite class of youngsters (aged 12-15 years old) that race modified karts known as Mod Karts. A full-length film is produced each year covering an entire race season via Amazon Prime Video. Mod Kids 1 is to be released in April.

AiM Sports is the world leader in motor sports and race data acquisition technology, electronics, instrumentation, data loggers, digital displays, lap timers, stopwatches and gauges for performance and race vehicles. 

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